I’m located in the Valley.  Can you pick up my data?
Yes.  Transcripts, Ltd. is a Phoenix-based transcription company.  Pickup and delivery are available at a low price.  Regular clients may receive free pickup and delivery.

How will I receive my transcript?
We are happy to e-mail, hand deliver, or FedEx/UPS/USPS your transcript.  

I have data requiring a secure delivery system.  How is that done?
Your digital audio files can be e-mailed to our secure server for transcription through our Order a Transcript page.  For tapes and CDs, we recommend using FedEx or UPS to take advantage of their tracking methods.  If your secure data is to be e-mailed back to you, we will post your transcript to a secure server and e-mail a link to you to download your transcript.

How can I upload my large files faster?
Use WinZip to compress your files for faster uploading.

I use voice recognition software to dictate my notes, but it's time consuming to correct the documents.  Will you do that for me?
Yes.  Send us the voice file and the Word document.  Transcripts, Ltd. will play back the dictation and correct your Word document for a base hourly rate.

Can you download a file for transcription from our website?
Yes.  Provide Transcripts, Ltd. with a link and we will download your data for transcription.

Can you transcribe analog tapes?
Yes.  Transcripts, Ltd. accepts mini, micro, and standard tapes.

How much does it cost?
Visit our Request Pricing page.  Tell us how many minutes of recording you have and we will e-mail you the price so you know the cost before you order.

What types of payment do you accept?
Transcripts, Ltd. accepts payment by all major credit cards or from your bank account using PayPal.

I’m not a business or government entity.  Will you work for me?
We would love to work for you.  If you have a digital audio file, you can simply e-mail the audio file from our Order a Transcript page.  There are no file or storage size limitations.  If you have CDs, DVDs, video, or tapes to be transcribed, call (623) 869-8310 or e-mail [email protected] for pickup and delivery services.  When your transcript is ready, we will e-mail a link to you so you can download your transcript from our secure server.  

What types of digital files can you transcribe?
Transcripts, Ltd. can transcribe the following digital file types: .aac, .aif, .asf, .au, .dcr, .dct, .dss, .dvf, .flac, .mp3, .mpga, .msv, .ogg, .ra, .rm, .sri, .vox., .wav, .wma. (.Dcr, .dss, .mp3, .wav, and .wma are the most popular types.) 

Do you perform medical transcription?
Yes.  Transcripts, Ltd. has been serving medical offices since 1991.

When will my transcript be returned?
Provide the following information on the Request a Quote page.  A) How many minutes of recorded data do you need transcribed?  B) When will the data be available to be transcribed?  C) When do you need the transcript returned? 

                                HAVE A QUESTION NOT ANSWERED ON THIS PAGE?  
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