Our web-based transcription solution reduces your transcription backlog while saving a significant amount of time, money, and department resources.  No need to hire or replace staff.  We are at your service for all your transcription needs, whether overflow or a one-time project.  Free up department staff for more productive activities within their pay grade at a substantially lower cost than performing these services internally.  For interviews, recorded phone calls, and all other legal transcription service needs, Transcript, Ltd. is experienced and at your service.

Our service is as easy to use as sending an e-mail from our Order a Transcript page to our Phoenix transcription department with no investment or upfront costs, minimum usage requirements, or service commitments.

Our legal transcription service department utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption, the most advanced security process available for safe transfer of your audio files and return of your completed transcripts.  All transcripts are processed in the U.S. by U.S. citizens that have been fingerprinted and background checked.  For further discussion on security issues, please visit our Security Criteria page.

Outsourcing your audio transcription service needs to Transcripts, Ltd. allows your agency to receive transcription services at a substantially reduced cost.  We provide unlimited transcription capacity and flexibility to meet your changing transcription demands.  Your agency will eliminate all fixed costs, overtime, employee overhead, benefits, retirement, and supervision that are related to transcription.  This provides you with the ability to maintain tight budget control and predict transcription costs upfront.  You will realize significant savings from more efficient and productive use of personnel resources.  

All transcripts are processed by highly skilled transcriptionists, production, and quality control personnel.  Our web-based service allows you to send us your audio files via our Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted connection.  This process is as secure as an online banking transaction.



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Ladies in Colonial dress sewing an American flag.  Have your transcription completed in the US.
Transcripts are prepared by US citizens in the United States of America.
Transcripts, Ltd. is a registered Federal contractor and is certified by the City of Phoenix as a woman-owned, small business.

Fast turnaround times, 99% accuracy, and security.  Your department will save  time and money.  
Our digital file delivery system is as easy to use as sending an e-mail with no file size or storage limitations. 
Transcripts, Ltd.’s  SSL protocol data encryption provides security as safe as banking online.
All personnel undergo comprehensive background checks and  fingerprinting.  Transcripts, Ltd. will handle the fluctuations in the number of cases with no transcript backlog.
Transcripts are processed by highly skilled document preparation specialists and quality control personnel.
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Transcripts, Ltd., offering transcription of forensic interviews, traffic court hearings, family court hearings, legal pleadings, phone calls, medical dictation, etc.