Many parishioners express difficultly listening to the message and taking notes at the same time.  Providing transcripts of your sermons allows church members to direct their full attention to you with the confidence that the sermon transcript and relevant scriptures will be available for their application later.  You can post the sermon transcripts on your website as a resource for your community.

Outsourcing your audio transcription service tasks to Transcripts, Ltd. will free church personnel of this task.  We will return your sermon transcripts publish ready.  Pricing by the minutes of the recording allows you to know the cost upfront.  Click on the Request Pricing page today.  We perform our work as unto the Lord and hope to serve you too.

Digital files:  Sending digital files of your sermons to Transcripts, Ltd. from our Order a Transcript page is as easy as sending an e-mail with no file size limitations.  

Pickup and Delivery:  For transcription of recorded data that cannot be transferred over the Internet, call 623-869-8310 or e-mail [email protected] for pickup and deliver of your videos, tapes, CDs, and DVDs, or ship your recorded media via FedEx, UPS, or the USPS to our Phoenix transcription company.  We accept mini, micro, and standard-sized cassette tapes.

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Transcripts, Ltd.
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A Phoenix transcription company providing audio transcription and data entry services worldwide.

Audio Transcription Services

Sermon Transcription by Transcripts, Ltd., a Phoenix Transcription Company.  Data entry provided by CDE services.
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